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What’s An Inverter?!? (Part 2)

Greetings & Salutations Energy Heros! Dan “The Solar Man” here again from Carbon Recall.

Last week, we helped to explain what an inverter is, and why it is a critical component of any solar panel system.

This week, we want to offer a little insight into one of the top brands of inverters on the market, SMA, and why they are so popular!

The very first consideration is how effective they are at doing their job. The purpose of an inverter is to convert DC energy into usable AC energy, but not all inverters perform this task at the same level. SMA Inverters are known for converting higher volumes of solar energy than other brands, increasing the overall yield of your solar panel system.

Additionally, SMA Inverters are designed with the intent of pairing to a battery backup system and are compatible with many of the leading brands of batteries, such as Fortress, which is another brand we love here at Carbon Recall.

A final consideration would be the reliability of the system. After all, most solar panels are warranted at 25 years, so you want an inverter system capable of keeping up with your panels. SMA has been around since 1981, and most of their products boast a 10 or even 20-year warranty.

On top of their great warranties, they have fantastic support. We have seen other brands, not to be named here, take months to resolve ticket & replacement cases, which is why we eventually landed on SMA. It might cost a little more, but when the occasional problem does pop up, you know you will be taken care of!

Ready to get a solar panel system designed for your home? Give us a call today for your customized Energy Solutions Plan!

Until next time Energy Hero's!

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