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Think Clean Energy Is Beyond Your Budget?
THINK AGAIN. LightStream believes borrowers with good to excellent credit should be rewarded with an excellent loan product. That is why LightStream offers customers a low-rate, no hassle and a virtually paperless loan for home improvements. Pay your loan from your energy savings and watch your savings pile up over the lifetime of your systems and see your home value increase over time. To get started, click here.

All lending services are provided by LightStream and we may be compensated by LightStream through links on this site.
A hassle-free loan that rewards you for good credit.
• Loans from $5,000 to $100,000
• Quick response during business hours
• Flexible loan terms available
• Easy process
Lock In Your Own Electricity Rates For The Future
Clean energy improvements are some of the few home improvements guaranteed to increase the value of your home. Most home renovation choices are subjective — you may love upgrading to granite countertops this year, but when you try to sell your home, you find the buyer wants quartz. In contrast, the value of clean energy improvements is objective: they decrease your electric bills, providing value to you and anyone else who owns your home.
Unlike most home improvements, which depreciate in value with age, clean energy choices will increase in value over time as electricity prices rise. What will electricity prices be in the future when you sell your home? The higher they are, the more people are willing to pay for an efficient home, so clean energy choices are like a hedge against increasing electricity rates. So, even if you don’t plan to stay in your home for a long period of time, your clean energy choices are still a good investment — even better than a kitchen or bathroom remodel.
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