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Mission Solar Panels

Greetings and salutations Energy Heros, Carbon Dan the Solar Man here from Carbon Recall.

This week, we are providing you with a review of the Mission Solar Panels that we regularly rely on. We will cover the pros & cons of these panels, and by the end of this article, you will understand why we put our trust in Mission.

At a high level, Mission panels are top quality, reasonably priced, American-made, and have a great support network should you need any help from them in the future.

Let’s start with that last point about great support.

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘You get what you pay for?

Well, this is especially true when it comes to solar panels. You are making an investment for a product rated to last 25+ years! Any number of things can go wrong during that time, and it's important to know that when you need support, you can get it in a timely manner.

We have used cheaper panels in the past, and it cost us dearly in the long run. We eventually switched to Mission as one of our primary panel providers because we know we won’t have to spend 6 months resolving an issue with them.

With a price point that runs about the middle of the road, the average Mission solar panel is priced at around $.70 / watt. While there are cheaper panels of great quality, such as the Jinkos, Mission panels go up to 430 watts per panel! This is great for projects with a smaller roof where you need to maximize space usage.

To achieve this high wattage rating per panel, Mission employs a technology known as PERC, or Passivated Emitter & Rear Cell technology. What this means in simple terms, is that there is an additional layer on the bottom of the cells that reflect light back into the cells, allowing additional opportunities to capture light for energy production.

As mentioned earlier, Mission panels are rated to last at least 25 years, with a warranty to match that. After 25 years they will still boast an efficiency rating of about 80% compared to the first day they were installed.

One final point that our customers really love?

These are American-made products based out of Texas!

Ready to see what a system for your home would cost? Get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation, quote & energy assessment.

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