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What is a Geothermal Energy System, And Is It Worth It?

Greetings and salutations Energy Heros, Carbon Dan the Solar Man here from Carbon Recall.

If you are familiar with some of the trends around renewable energy, you have probably at least heard the phrase, Geothermal Energy, but may not be familiar with it, or think it costs a fortune.

This week we will try to help explain what a Geothermal Energy System is, how much it costs, and ultimately, is it worth it for your home??

A Geothermal Energy System is a heating and cooling system for your home that is installed underground. This system utilizes the natural temperature of the Earth’s crust to either cool your home in the summer or heat it in the winter. The benefits we will be discussing are their energy efficiency, cost savings, and durability.

Geothermal Energy Systems have achieved efficiency ratings of 400 - 600%! This is primarily because the system is not actually producing much heating or cooling, but rather circulating it between the underground system and your home. A 4 - 600% efficiency rating essentially means that for every unit of electricity consumed, the system generates 4-6 units of heating/cooling into your home.

If you have heard about a Geothermal Energy System, you have probably heard correctly that these systems tend to be more expensive than a traditional HVAC system. While this may be true, a Geothermal Systems higher efficiency and lower operational costs will actually allow you to recoup your installation expenses in just a few years. On top of that, most of these systems will operate well beyond 25 years, much longer than a traditional HVAC system, which also allows you to realize additional savings by only having 1 installation compared with 2-3.

As mentioned already, a Geothermal System is quite durable, with most brands coming equipped with a 25 - 50 year warranty!! Because of the lack of waste from multiple installs, these systems also contribute to their owners overall sense of sustainability.

While the best time to install one of these systems is during the construction of a new home, it's certainly not the only time. If you are considering a Geothermal Energy System for your property, please, give us a call for any of your questions or concerns.

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