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Improving Lives With A SmartFlower!

Greetings Energy Hero's!

Dan the Solar Man here from Carbon Recall!

Solar seems to be the hot new trend these days, and as such, there are new technologies being developed every day!

Perhaps one of the coolest new technologies is the SmartFlower!

Borrowing their design from the Sun Flower, these Smart Flowers are incredibly efficient.

There are 2 main features that make this type of setup so efficient.

The first is its use of a Dual Axis Tracker. Some panels on the market already use a single-axis tracker, which allows the panel to tilt on a single plane to follow the sun. With a Dual Axis Tracker, the Smart Flower is able to tilt with 360-degree flexibility, allowing them to track the sun much more efficiently.

In fact, the Smart Flowers are rated to be as much as 40% more efficient than a comparable system of individual panels! Because these panels follow the path of the sun, they can utilize 7-10 solar hours per day, instead of the traditional 4-5 that regular panels can capture.

The second feature will appeal to homeowners who dislike the look of panels on their roof, or taking up space in their yard. The Smart Flower 'blossoms' during the day, and then closes the petals at night, so that instead of needing 20+ panels, you only need a single array.

Check out this neat video to see one in action!

At Carbon Recall, we really love the potential for this type of array to improve lives!

A recent story from Hawaii involves residents who were displaced from volcano activity and the miraculous benefits of these Smart Flowers.

A company out of Pahoa, Hawaii, T&T Electric, purchased a single SmartFlower for these displaced residents. That SmartFlower is providing enough energy to power lights in 20 sleeping quarters, as well as power the common kitchen, cooking, showering and bathroom facilities.

If the SmartFlower has you intrigued, you should go ahead and get in line. With recent supply chain issues resulting from Covid, there is quite a waiting list. Contact Carbon Recall today, your region's certified SmartFlower dealer, for a no-obligation quote!

Until next time Energy Hero's!

Carbon Recall York

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