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Defend Your Solar Panels From…Squirrels??!

That’s right, you read correctly!

This week we are chittering…get it?...about the hidden threat to your investment in clean energy. Believe it or not, but of all the threats to your solar panels, rodents are perhaps the biggest problem and the easiest to prevent!

If your Solar Panel Installers are using even halfway decent solar panels, these things can withstand a LOT! Being able to withstand a fall from the roof, most solar panels are rated against hail, and even hurricanes…well, up to a certain category.

But squirrels and other rodents? Nope, you are completely on your own!

So, how big of a threat is this exactly, and should you really be THAT concerned? The short answer, this is a HUGE threat that you should be VERY concerned about.

Given the nature of solar panels, once they are exposed to sunlight, they begin producing an electrical current. What this means is that instead of just damaging the panels, rodent damage can cause the panels to catch fire!!

Underneath an array of solar panels is perfect for nesting and protection from birds…and for some reason, these little guys just can’t resist chewing on those wires. Over time these damaged wires can cause your panels to stop working…if you are lucky! But in the worst case, they can catch fire eventually.

Like a bad song, this just keeps getting worse!

Because this is a preventable situation, most warranty companies will NOT cover the replacement of panels if it can be proven they malfunctioned due to rodents…which is not hard to do. They consider it an ‘Act of God’ that they are not responsible for, which means you are getting ready for a hefty insurance claim.

There really is no reason not to protect your investment from this kind of threat. The mesh wiring is super cheap and very easy to install. These panels are rated to last 25 years, giving them the advantage they need to make it!

Your Installation Crew should install this by default, but if they don’t, you can purchase it yourself online. See if the installation team will install it while they are up there, or call us!

Ready to see what a system for your home would cost? Get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation, quote.

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